Gaslox - Water borne heat

Heat the cabin with gas - one of the most cost-effective energy solutions on the market. See video below.

Tired of high electricity prices?

With today's electricity prices, smart and cost-saving solutions must be found. With Vannbåren heat from Gaslox you can heat the cabin/house, with the comfort you are used to - without receiving an electric shock.

How does the Waterborne Heating System from Gaslox work?

The heating system is a closed pipe system for underfloor heating or radiators. The heating system is at least as sophisticated as the heating in modern homes. Our central heating system creates quiet, slow air movements, which creates a warm and comfortable cabin with natural humidity.

Low temperature heating system - what is it?

In a normal heating system, the water temperature is usually between 75°C and 85°C. However, in a low temperature heating system this drops to somewhere between 35°C and 45°C for the Gaslox boiler. To ensure that the heat sources, such as radiators, convectors or underfloor heating, match the desired temperature and can deliver the correct heating effect at a lower temperature, a different system design is required. The heaters must be properly sized and suitable thermostats must be installed.

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